Welcome to the STOMP website! The following are some answers to the questions our visitors most often ask. If you cannot find the answer to what you are looking for at this site, please feel free to send us an email and we'll try to answer you.


Q: What health and safety measures will be in place in response to COVID-19?

A: CLICK HERE for our full health and safety guidelines.

Q: How do I buy tickets to see STOMP?

A: NYC PRODUCTION - CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

Q: How do I get to the Orpheum Theatre?

A: CLICK HERE for door-to-door directions, powered by Citymapper.com.

Q: What are Premium Tickets and what is STOMP's Rhythm & Sounds Zone?

A: STOMP sets aside a limited number of exclusive seats for each performance, which are considered to have the best views of the house. This is known as the Rhythm & Sounds Zone because these seats are close enough to the performance, that you can feel the rhythms from your seats.

Q: What makes Premium Tickets exclusive?

A: Premium Ticket holders receive admission into the exclusive Rhythm & Sounds Zone. These seats are close enough to the stage for greater potential to interact with the cast. In these seats, you get to experience NYC's landmark Off-Broadway classic, STOMP, from the greatest views in the house.

Q: How much do Premium Tickets cost?

A: Premium Tickets cost $100.00. CLICK HERE to purchase premium tickets.

Q: Is there a discount if I buy my tickets with a group of people?

A: Group discounts are available for parties of 10+. For more information, CLICK HERE or call (212) 203-9980 to contact BroadwayGPS.

Q: I was supposed to come to STOMP last night and was unable to, can I use my ticket for another performance?

A: As a courtesy, we will honor unused tickets to a future performance, subject to availability as follows:

Call the box office (212-477-3932) after 1 pm the day of the show you want to attend. If the box office feels the show will not be sold-out, we will honor your tickets at show time, putting you in unsold seats. PAST DATE TICKETS WILL NOT BE HONORED on Blackout Dates.

Management only allows us to honor past date tickets if we do not sell out. You may continue to try if your first attempt is not successful.

Q: What's the running time of the show?

A: The show runs approximately one hour and 45 minutes, and does not include an intermission.

Q: I love the cast members of STOMP. Is there anyway I can receive an autographed picture of the cast?

A: Because the casts change frequently, we are not able to send out autographed programs or photos. Try your luck at the stage door after a performance!

Q: How can I get STOMP to perform at my event?

A: At this time, STOMP does not perform for private events. If this policy changes in the future, the website will reflect any alteration.

Q: I'd like STOMP to donate tickets to my fundraiser, how can I make a request?

A: Requests for donations to fundraisers must be printed on company letterhead, and can be sent to the following for consideration:

Attention: Stomp Company Manager
[email protected]lgreen.com
The Stomp Company LP
254 W 54th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Q: I wanted to buy some STOMP stuff at the show, but couldn't. Is there anyway I can still get stuff?

A: We sell our merchandise online too, CLICK HERE to visit our merchandise page.


Q: How do I buy tickets to see STOMP?

A: U.S. TOUR - CLICK HERE to visit the tour tickets page. Find your city and click the corresponding link to learn more. Ticket purchases and inquiries can also be made by calling the box office in the theatre in which STOMP is playing. In New York City, for example, call Ticketmaster at 212-307-4100.

Q: How do I book the STOMP tour for my venue?

A: For booking inquires within the U.S. please contact [email protected] For any information concerning non-North American tours of Stomp, please visit www.stomp.co.uk or email [email protected].

Q: How do I get in touch with STOMP about covering a news article, TV appearances, or any additional media coverage?

A: If you are a local media or press person requesting a story, please contact the performing arts venue press department for information on booking interviews and other press requests for STOMP.


to find out more about international productions of STOMP.


Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the show?

A: Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Q: Is there a video of STOMP available to the public?

A: Great News! There is a full length filmed version of the stage production available for purchase on DVD. CLICK HERE to visit the merchandise page to order a copy. An HBO Special, STOMP OUT LOUD, which premiered on December 6, 1997 is available for purchase through our website.

Visit the merchandise page and click your cursor on the STOMP OUT LOUD video ad for details on how to order the video. Also, the short film BROOMS (Sundance Film Festival Award Winner) can be purchased for educational purposes only from a company called Carousel Productions or can probably be bought in a store with an extensive video library.

Q: Has STOMP produced a CD of their performance?

A: The only available CD music with STOMP is a track called STOMP on the Quincy Jones album "Q's Jook Joint". However, this is not the music that is played at the show. There is also a soundtrack to the IMAX film Pulse, which was created by the co-creators of STOMP, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. SHOWTIME just aired RIOT, a feature film about the LA riots with original music by the STOMP creators/directors Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas.

Q: Is STOMP planning to produce a soundtrack?

A:It would be the easiest thing in the world for us to make a digital recording of the show, press some CDs and make a little money selling them as merchandise. Creatively, however, we wouldn't feel too happy about this. We believe the percussion and visuals of STOMP are inextricably linked. You couldn't have one without the other. We would feel we were short changing our customers. That's why we have concentrated on film and video projects, culminating in STOMP OUT LOUD for HBO which is now released on video in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia. We're also pleased it is available on DVD in some of those countries. Our next project is a feature film using some of the concepts developed for STOMP. We do, however, intend to record a STOMP CD at some point in the future, but we intend it to be a special project which explores percussion in a new and unique way. We will not be recording the show "soundtrack" for its own release.

Q: Hey I can do that! How can I be a member of STOMP?

A: For casting information, please click here or email [email protected]. The STOMP casting office will contact you when the next round of auditions will take place.



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